As we discussed in the class and Uğur Zeynep Güven discussed in her article , there is lack of middle class lifestyles in Turkish TV series . However , in some sitcom series , it is possible to see middle class turkish families . ” Türk Malı ” is one example for the tv series which are reflecting middle class turkish families . Türk Malı illustrates unhappy and tragedic marriage of Abiye and Erman in a comical way . These two people get bored from each other but they have to live together with their 2 childs in the same house . It is not possible to say that the characters in Türk Malı look like the real Turkish people since their behaviours and conversations are really funny and absurd . Yet , their life style can reflect big part of the Turkish families . They eat dinners , watch television together at home . They do not have much social life and spend their time usually at home . Father goes outside for working and Mother stays at home and responsible for the housework . Moreover , unlikely the other TV series in Turkey , it is possible to see household argumentations and problems like the real turkish families but in a humoruous way . Moreover , you can see these kind of dynamics in sitcom series more often since sitcoms usually pass in one place and pass around conversations . And sitcoms do not have to be gripping like the other tv series .Therefore , it is possible to see the reflections of real Turkish families in sitcoms more often .turk-mali-dizisi-resimleri


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