“Krem”, A Misconception of Beauty & Luxury

“Krem”, a short-lasting TV series, is a pretty solid example for the themes in Uğur Zeynep Güven’s article. The main character, Aslı, is a young girl from lower-class and is an employee (genetic biologist)  in a mass-production company. She is allured by the beauty, luxury, entertainment etc. which she sees in magazines and television shows. For that reason, she doesn’t hesitate to use a beauty cream that she finds accidentally in return of her prayers. The girl turns into a drop-dead gorgeous (Rüya) and gradually becomes a part of the higher-class. In this example, there is a certain stereotyping and overgeneralization of how low-status people perceive beauty and wealth. It’s as if they can’t resist the attraction of the fast life and will take risks no matter what consequence it’ll bring. Also the class difference is expressed on through the series and the girl basically tries to find a balance between her both lifes but eventually can’t because there shouldn’t be a trespassing between classes. And at the end, no matter how poor or ugly you are, you can be content with what you have because after all you are surrounded with your family’s sympathy, unity and warmth. On the other hand, the people of high-status are generally deceptive, hypocritical and they are eventually destined to be unhappy in their lives due to lack of peace and real affection. Another point that Ugur Zeynep Guven highlighted was that men are depicted more dominant than women in most of the TV series. Just like in “Krem”, the flirtatious husband (a movie director) plays the instrumental role and is responsible of being the bread-winner, the overly-jealous wife plays the emotional role. Overall, the TV series evidently tells people to be happy with their low social status because what they lack in money, they make up in love, attachment and loyalty. Krem_(dizi)


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