Differed as the North and the South: Kuzey Güney

As Uğur Zeynep Güven discusses in her article “Social Class and Family On Screen:  Do Prime-Time Television Series ‘Create’ Images of Family in Turkey,” we all agree how TV series and films are considered a mirror of real life, which sometimes might be in a distorted way. Family portraits that we see on TVs are usually created up and it lasts to some challenges about family stereotypes in the society. One of the most popular TV series in Turkey, Kuzey Güney, is a great example of the family types related to the social classes, which exactly illustrates the lifestyles, family structures and their daily routines. Güney, brother of Kuzey, studies at the same university with a girl named Banu, who is daughter of a well-known high class Turkish family. However, Güney and Kuzey are sons of a middle-class related mom and dad. Being a clever and successful student, Güney gets Banu’s attention and their friendship turns into love for Banu.

Being associated to different social classes, their relationship seems to be impossible, because on Güney’s side we see a traditional middle-class Turkish family -father owns a small baker’s in their neighbourhood and works there, mom is housewife who doesn’t have any right to talk about her husband’s business, their environment is limited with their neighbourhood and their spending is too small,- whereas on Banu’s side we are faced with an exactly opposite family structure. Mother is divorced but still strong and rich as a successful man, she controls the family and the business, and has every right about her children, business and environment. They live a luxurious life and spend a lot of money.

Kuzey Güney, began in 2011 and lasted until June,2013, which has shown us the differences between middle and high class families in this 2 years period by illustrating their daily lives, lifestyles, family structures and their traditi0ns.


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