Çocuklar Duymasın

The series in Turkish television sometimes reflect to the audience the exact stereotypes and traditions that a middle-class, average Turkish family mostly possesses. However in some cases families in TV series can be different, they can be either more eastern or western than how a Turkish family is expected to be. The TV series called “Çocuklar Duymasın” might be a realistic example of a half-western and half-traditional upper-middle class Turkish family. Çocuklar Duymasın has been on air again since 2012. In the old version there is a nuclear family that consists of a son, an  older sister, the mother and the father. The reason why this family is considered as neither traditional nor western is caused by the conflict between the parents. Father is a conventional Turkish father model who is dominant and today might be even considered as old-fashioned. He dresses as a western man however it is obvious that he believes the family should be ruled in a paternalistic way where the father should decide everything. Whereas the mother is more western and open-minded. The family can be considered traditional in many ways such as their religious traditions(bayram, ramazan an etc), children respecting their grandparents extremely and the other family manners. However in a Turkish traditional family it is not actually a common fact that the mother works. In this TV series the mother of the family works in a company with a good position. Because of these facts the family in “Çocuklar Duymasın” can be considered as both western and traditional Turkish family.


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