Bir İstanbul Masalı

In her article Uğur Zeynep Güven argues that television series in Turkey use some stereotypes while representing the family structures and life styles according to the social classes which they belong. Bir İstanbul Masalı is one of these Turkish television series and shown between the years 2003 and 2005.It includes lots of social class differences and family stereotypes which Güven explains in her article. The story of this tv series is about the experiences between an upper class family and a working class family. The main character Esma is the daughter of the working class family who are working for a very famous and rich family(Arhan). Esma’s father is the chauffeur of the family and her mother is working as their servant. Esma and the younger child of Arhan family, Demir, fall in love and want marry but of course their families don’t allow that because they are from different social classes. At the end Demir marries to another girl who his family approve. This situation causes lots of problems between two families in which we see the stereotypes of class differences. After that Esma and the older child of the upper class family, Selim, fall in love. We see the same problems again for example Esma’s family move away and quit their jobs. But this time they get married despite their families. At the end we see that happy ending comes with the marriage of an upper class member. Another stereotype is the life styles and the relations in these two families. We see that the members of upper class family are less connacted to each other, they have problems in their company between their cousins and we also see that the father cheats on his wife.. On the other hand the other family is happy to have each other and happy despite all their problems.bir istanbul masalı


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