We can see differences between high class and lower class in this TV series that is called Avrupa Yakası.

One of the main character who names Burhan which has tie is manager in this office and the other guy-Tanrıverdi- is servant who came from rural town. These two characters have conflict with us because they have different status in the office and manager always says humiliating words to servant.

In this series, Tanrıverdi listens old-fashined musics, speaks informal, talks about basic issues, complains lack of money and loves high status women. All of them represent the lower class features.

In contrast, Burhan and other office workers have a money, wear luxury clothes and they hang with upper class people and go expensive restaurants. These represent high class features.

Also, Burhan always says ‘ I am graduate an university.’ ‘I am living in Nişantaşı .’I am a son of rich father.’ In sayıng so, he wants to prove that belongs a high class. However Tanrıverdi wants to join this class and all funny scene is occured this situation. Tanrıverdi loves a women who belongs high class and he tries to impact her so he tries to change himself and acts like others. These effors are shown funny in TV.


In other scene, Sacit is high level character and Hacer is sister of porter and they fall in love but Sacit’s family never confirm this relationship because Hacer belongs lower class although she is good girl for Sacit and family thinks that other people think wrong thinks family’s statu. Like office situation, also in this situation, lower class is shown funny. Hacer tries to wear expensive clothes and make up to prove herself. In doing so , she seems ridiculous and funny.

Finally, In Turkey, generally, lower class seems funny and upper class and lower class relationships conflict and they have lots of differences.


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