Adını Feriha Koydum


Adını Feriha Koydum has been showed in Turkey 2-3 years ago and once I look this series, upper class and lower middle class families distinguish each other sharply. First of all, Feriha who is the main character is poor and lives in the basement with her family. Actually, they live in good neighbourhood but her father is a concierge in this apartment and her mother is a cleaner.

Then, Feriha won a scholarship to a private university and she always encounters rich people all over this school.  Even though she feels ostracized herself among these people, she wants to be like them and she has jealously for their luxury lives. After she meets new people, she is starting to hide he real identity and she introduced herself as like these rich people. In this series, she felt ashamed of being poor and her family.

On the other hand, the other main character is Emir who is rich and he falls in love with Feriha. ( Of course!) In Turkish series, this stereotype is always emphasized. A rich man should fall in love with poor girl.

What’s more, the other cliche is rich family’s father always cheat on his wife and they aren’t as happ as people think. As Güven’s said, men are more likely to be dominant than woman this series. Because Emir’s father is gaining money and as I remember his mother does not work. However, Feriha’s family are very happ to have each other, and cheating has been never imagined in this family.

Moreover, I noticed a detail in this series . There is a rich girl and she can easily go for fun whatever she wants and her family do not bother this situation at all,yet, Feriha does not go easily as we imagine and she has to ask permission before she goes anywhere.

This TV series, we can clearly see that how lower middle class and upper class differentiate each other and also in Turkish TV always emphasizes this kind of family portrayals in Turkey.


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