Turkish remake of “The OC”

As we discussed in the class, popular TVs and films are definitely a mirror of real world, although it does not always reflect objects correctly. In the world on TVs and films, things are very often portrayed in a distorted way. Here is a good example of social class in an on air TV series.

“Medcezir” (translated into “The tides”) is a remake of “The OC,” an American pretty popular series which was televised from 2003 to 2007. I was a big fan of “The OC,” and I was so amazed to hear that there is a Turkish remake which is on air now. The storylines of these two TV series are almost same (as far as I watched episode 1). A poor guy, Turkish Ryan called Yaman, accidentally goes into super rich society. This series revolves around him with upper-class neighbours. As usual in TVs, rich people are obsessed by moneys, power and reputation. And on the other hand, poor people are always in trouble, and fighting each other. The rich disregard the poor in an obvious way. Up to now, what I saw in Medcezir is an exact copy of The OC. I am not entirely sure why now it is appear on TV. Is there any certain reason such as ‘Like USA, the gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider.’?

Though Merdcezir virtually imitates the plot of original The OC, we can see small differences between two series. I’m looking forward to finding differences in these series. Because they would be great tips to understand Turkish culture or society in comparison with American one. However, not to mention, we always keep in bear that what we are watching on TVs is a reflection of real world with a ‘broken’ mirror.


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