Finding Out the Truth



On Flash Tv, “Gerçeğin Peşinde” was a reality show that aired from 2007 to 2012. It is hosted by Yalçın Çakır. This show is all about finding the truth. The guests tell the story from their perspectives, and Yalçın Çakır tries to find out who is innocent and who is not.

That show is still known and being watched by thousands on social network. The most obvious thing about that show is, all of the guests are very poor, uneducated, angry and ready-to-fight people. Slang words are used commonly by guests and Yalçın Çakır tried to stop them, of course could not stop. Fight moments, screaming women, yelling guests, angry phone connections were the base of the show.

In addition to that weird things, Yalçın Çakır added more strange thing to his show, “the lie machine.” This machine, anybody knows how it works, can find out if the guest tell lie or truth. If the machine decides that the guess is lying, machine shock them with electric current.


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