Survivor of Ancestors

We all know the concept of reality show “Survivor” around the world meaning that I see no reason to mention about the characteristics of that show. But in 2006, in Turkey, “Survivor” offered people another type of contest which was based on a historical rivalry between two nationalities: Turkish and Greek. I need to make a little historical flashback to make you understand the situation perfectly. During the First World War, west side of Anatolia was occupied by Greeks, that is why there is always a competition between these two nationalities, even about the foods. Acun Ilıcalı, who was labeled as the genius man of television world, decided to use this rivalry for the sake of rating and he succeeded. Question is that; “Is that ethically true to use such a fastidious balance between people?”. And for the producers answer is “Yes”. What makes this television show so special between its similars, is its cultural and historical roots. Imagine a voting scene that everyone in a country is voting for same contestant. That is completely out of ordinary. Another aspect that show gave was the relationship between a turkish male and greek woman. At the island, two sides were like enemies in a war but this couple resisted against the pressure applied by their teammates. Doubtless this was a fictive situation in order to appeal to emotions of  spectators but again Acun Ilıcalı had succeeded.


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