Morning Stars: Banu Alkan & Murat Taşdemir At Their Best


The  program is mainly centered around two celebrity lovers and their daily lives. We are all witnesses of their fights, dramatic moments, sexual tension and etc. As the audience is drawn into the ecstatic and unpredictable events, they are led to believe that everything happens naturally. However, there is definitely a certain scenario that’s being played by Banu Alkan and her boyfriend throught the show. The blondie, full-cleavaged, erotic and provocative character (Banu Alkan) drives her boyrfriend crazy with her tempting and unrational words. This exemplifies a perfect gender role stereotype of how a woman drives her partner crazy frequently. It is implemented that women are  talkative, whiny and unbearable most of the time. Then there is male agression over women, especially in a patriarchal society like ours, where the men can’t endure the women at a certain time and begins cursing or even worse beating. In the show, the macho and aggressive Murat slaps Banu Alkan because of her senseless behavior and relationship with other men. But the naive audience is deceived that everything is alright after all because these two love birds show forgiveness and start to cuddle and cling to each other again. The language serves as another deceptive factor. The woman’s language generally contains imitative words such as “darlingcim”, “oh my god” and “my sexy chimpanzee”. Whereas, the man tries to preserve his manliness and machoness by using simple and short words. Also the appearance of Banu Alkan has been made sure that it is full of sexiness and curviness so that the watchers can satisfy their sexual appetite and eyesight. All of these factors come together and create a misleading image of the daily lives of these characters. Without the montaging and scripting, I highly doubt these two characters would attract that much attention and rating.


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