Let Your New Life Begin

In the world, all countries enjoy their own food culture. As Turkey, we own one of the most extensive and desirable culture of food, which sometimes causes a society that contains a lot of overweight people. This sad but true story is considered a good chance for producers and advertisers in order to constitute reality shows, which they base upon overweight people who wants to lose weight. The show “Yeni Bir Hayat,” in English “A New Life,” gives people, who have not been using their first chance to stay healthy and thin, a second chance to be slim and fit again. But this would not be as easy as they assumed.

Producers of this reality show easily find overweight people who are begging for the second chance, and they leave them in a house, where they will meet and interact each other the way they know. Nobody interfere unless the “contestants” cause a big problem in the house. But the hardest part begins where they are being tested with some hard sportive exercises, which usually lead to an end with an award including hot, desirable and tasty traditional Turkish foods. This is where the action and typical Turkish arguments show itself, because these overweight people feel the void of good food since they have been left in the show house, and they have to compete with each other to win the game and have the food. Every week, the one who loses least weight, gets eliminated by the jury. Who stays until the end, loses the most weight and also earn the final money award. So, they should hold off delicious foods, keep-in-touch with everybody in a good and sensitive way, be successful and strong in the exercises to have “A New Life.”



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