Impress Your Mother-In-Law

All around the world people are highly interested in wedding shows. I especially had chance to observe American and Turkish reality shows. Most of the wedding reality shows in Turkish and American cultures actually seem quite similar to each other. The first wedding reality show of Turkey is called “Ben Evleniyorum” (I am getting married). This program is actually similar to American wedding shows such as “bachelor” the only difference between them is there are more than one candidates for both as husbands and wives. Only individuals participate to find someone appropriate to marry. After several versions of “Ben Evleniyorum” program has been released with the same idea, producers have decided to add something that bring more excitement and rating to the shows. They decided to have husband candidates’ mothers in the show to help their sons choose the most appropriate wife for them. This idea actually shows a lot about Turkish culture. In traditional Turkish society, a guy loving a girl is mostly not the most essential thing for them to get married. The parents of the man should be satisfied with their bride candidate in order to let them get married. In this new version of the show so called “Gelinim Olur Musun”(Would you be my bride?), the bride candidates have to compete with eachother to impress their future mother-in-law as well as their sons.


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