YEMEKTEYİZ (We Are Eating In )


Yemekteyiz is a popular television program shown in the  Turkey.The show has  four or five amateur chefs competing against each other hosting a dinner party for the other contestants. Each competitor then gives point the host’s performance. In British version of this television program(come dine with me) has comedian Dave Lamb. In Turkey we don’t have a comedian in program but competitors quibble some irrelevant and inconsequent details and this gives us fun. Having fun from low quality of debate is not a pretty thing but also it is fun for public. Question is ” What is the logical side of the having fun from low quality of debate? ”. So many people in Turkey have a bad condition of life. They want debate on shows like their ancestors in arena. Fighting for life or fighting for win would be same in peoples mind. In modern world fighting is only for having something and in this program winning is only purpose. This program is more  primitive than our world because we have some rules of etiquette for dining table. This program encourage people to disregard etiquette. Our identity without etiquette would be nothing.  Winning with down methods should be ugly but people like to watch it. Our ‘dark side” wants to see something like this program because it satisfies this dark or with more logical term cavemen side.



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