Who is a Top Model?


7 years ago in 2006 a new contest begun in Turkish televisions and lasted only one season. They adapted America’s Next Top Model to Turkey and called it “Top Model Turkey with Deniz Akkaya”. Deniz Akkaya is a famous and popular Turkish model. Producers assumed that she is a good role model for the models but actually she owe her beauty to many plastic surgeries she had over the years.  As in the American version, models work with a famous photographer every week and have a photo shoot in a specific concept. This contest was not only showing photo shoots but contestant’s lives together in a triplex villa, so we can call this contest also, a reality show. There was no age limit to be a contestant which is the worst aspect of this contest. Many teenagers who are not 18 yet, applied to the contest to be a famous top model, in other words to be prettier, thiner and have an approved beauty. It was dangerous not for only contestants but for thousands of young girls who was watching this. This contest was saying appearance is the most important thing in the world. Contestants were going fitness every day, were eating much more less and also they were being judged by “so called” authorities for their appearance. These kind of contests have a huge impact on young girls who are in their developmental age and it’s very dangerous to make them believe having a beautiful appearance is the only way to be successful.


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