Right Way to Dress?


“Bugün Ne Giysem?” or “What Should I wear today?” in english is a popular Turkish TV show, especially among women. The show, which is also a contest, is basically about women try to look their best in their daily life and they are judged by some famous people who are in the fashion business. In  the show, the contestants first go to shopping and buy many clothing, and then with help of a advisor, they wear the appropriate clothes. After that, they are introduced to the judges, who will judge them, give points and eliminate the unworthy ones. In the show, the price of the clothes are told openly to the viewers which allows the viewers to judge the dresses too and decide if it is nice and worthy to buy. In the judging part at the end of the day, we can clearly see that the judges are very hard to satisfy. We can see that, they are there to criticize in any condition and I think the show tries to control the Turkish women by showing them what and how wear. Many comments like “I think the shoes can be one tone darker” or “Why did you wear socks with that?” which criticizes the people’s choices and show them what is right (for them). Also in the video below, they harshly criticize the contestant below because of her choice to wear dress that is somewhat revealing. The judges clearly implies that the girl is wearing a very kinky dress and tells “That’s not how a 24 year old should dress”. This shows that, the judges in this show try to tell how a Turkish woman should wear, wearing revealing dress is mostly bad,  which most likely affects the women who is watching the show from their homes and create a proper dress in their minds because of the judges decided how to dress properly


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