Perception of Private College Students in TV Series

We all see or watch that there are lots of college or teenager TV series on TV. In Turkish Televisions this concept is always popular and these series always get rating. In these TV series, there are poor people and rich people like every other TV series. However, in these TV series, the private college students and also we rich teenagers are always explained as an ”asshole”.
The private collage students always doing something evil and they do not care about anything, because they already have ”everything”. If I have to give an example in ”Pis Yedili”, which is a TV series on Turkish TV, there are a group of poor people and a group of people, who has money and a good business from their families. These guys, who have money, are always doing evil things to the other group from the beginning of the TV Series. They were not a good people for just a second. They are always thinking bad and always like to make jokes about how much they have money and how poor the other group are. The major subject is actually the fight of these two groups. I can count lots of TV series like these, where these guys always an ”ass hole”. In addition to that, in people’s mind this became a stereotype of the private college students. The viewers like to call these guys ”rich bustards” and this is where this subject came. This brings a conclusion that it create a perception that every single private college student is an evil. I am not protecting and saying that they are angels but TV shows like these are making social class differences, which is not ethical.


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