The Island of Fight

In last years there are lots of reality shows in Turkey which are created by copying the format of the program and applying it in Turkey, one of them is Survivor. Survivor is a reality game show produced at different countries and it has been produced in Turkey since 2005. In the show competitors are divided in two groups in two different isolated islands, mostly in tropical region. Without any shelter or food competitors try to live in these areas by building their own house, building fire and by finding food. At the same time they participate to games with their groups or individually to win some prizes like food or other things which make the life easy in the island. The games mostly depend on physical skills and also on strategy. Besides the physical power competitors also should be compatible because every week one player is eliminated by voting.  But of course the producers don’t want to  see compatible people, they want fight and clash of the players because in fact that’s what the audience want to watch. The reality shows with fight and dramas are watched more that’s why producers especially choose incompatible, difficult people from different social groups to create conflict in groups. Also in last seasons of Survivor in Turkey they used celebrities to be watched more because people love to watch celebrities in different life conditions. As a result people love to watch fight and also they love to watch others in dangerous, difficult situations from their safety homes by comparing themselves with players. images


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