In 2010, Marriage life started on Turkish Tv. Demet who is a singer and Önder who is a bussiness man were a married couple and they were in home with cameramans. Producers claims that this program’s main purpose was that shows to Turkey how should be ideal Turkish family but this couple does not fit the classic family however Demet said that I am a ordinary person. Their lifes included lots of luxury and they had anything for home whatever you want. All these things attracted attention by many people and people started to watch them regularly. Demet tried to act housewife and she prepared dinner, cleaned home and gave love to her husband and Önder just responsed to create a problem. They argued with each other every day and they used slangs. Is ıt a classical Turkish family ? People did not judge this and they became addicted their marriage life because of enthuasism, fight and drama. They defined themselves ‘We are a best couple’ but this couple was not a perfect model in Turkey. They were married but they acted like a boy and girl friends and they did not care their problems however they just fighted each other and they forgot all things the following days. Both of them went to night club and the morning they waked up lately but this situation does not seem to be real life. 3 weeks later, dramatically, this program was over because of that Demet and Önder broke up. They did not get along with each other any more.Our perfect! family was ended and people surprised this because they were best couple!


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