Most Scrappy Mother-in-Law


In the beginning of the 2000s reality shows became more popular in Turkey, but there was one particular show called “Gelinim Olur Musun?”(marriage theme reality show), which had the highest ratings in those times. The show was recorded in a house, full of bride-to-be, groom-to-be and their mother. There was the one couple and the groom-to-be’s mother,  that became phenomenon: Ata(groom-to-be), Semra(his mother) and Sinem(bride-to-be). Semra was a very aggressive character, she had those nervous breakdowns during the talks, exaggerated most of the situations and totally unstable. Her quotes were recited by the society, even people made a remix out of one of her speech full of aggression. But there was a reason for all of this exaggerated drama, Semra didn’t want Sinem to be her son’s wife. In Turkish culture, mothers can’t easily let go their so-called precious sons, so they are defined as troublemakers and Semra fitted that definition so well or maybe pushed the limits. But are all of the mother-in-laws that scrappy and cruel in Turkey like Semra? Reality shows and the real life always conflicts, of course not all of the mother-in-laws are nuts in Turkey. Maybe Semra wasn’t nuts too, she might be faking it for the fame or might have other reasons for that much drama, but she became a stereotypical badass mother-in-law. The show was watched because people enjoy the aggression, the fight, criticizing the relationships, comparing them with their own and these wills sometimes provoke the people in front of the camera for more drama. As a result, this show was distorting the reality in a hyped up way.

To listen the remix of Semra’s most famous quotes: “Daldan Dala”


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