BBG, Biri Bizi Gözetliyor, which means someone is spying on us, has been a sensational reality show in Turkey  since it shows a television. In this show, different characteristic people come into a house and after then they live together. It has showed in TV in the morning, afternoon, evening. Every time they are together with us! Also, there was a competition in there, in the end of the week one person choose to be first of the week. People vote their favorite person to stay longer in this house and to be first. Foreign people also vote that. İn my country, people has show huge interest this show. I think, the reason that is people wonder about their lives, their idle talk or their secret. Moreover, they are curious about what is going on next, what will she say then, etc. Of course, fight is the main point this reality show.Everyone was yelling each other, fighting, humiliating, crying and shut the door then. These times, people’s curiosity increase more and more. I would like to talk about a little bit this video which is above, in this video shows some part of scenes. People talk about love, maybe some secret!?, everyday life problems, whether he cheat her or not like this. Besides this, these kind of shows emphasizes youth, beauty, looking fit. After all, people pursue to watch even though they know it is not related to reality more or less and also they know this show doesn’t reflect our culture or everyday life.


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