Three Friends, Three Different Types of Masculinities

In the American television show How I Met Your Mother, we have three males as the main characters whose masculinities are totally different from each others. Marshall Eriksen, who is the only married character of television show, represents the modern and the stable aspects of today’s notion of masculinity. We can clearly see that he is implicitly connected to his wife with his moves which makes him less macho in the eyes of spectators. On the other side between these 3 characters, we see that Marshall is the one whose relationships are most balanced and healthy ones. That may be an explanation why Marshall seem like he has less problems in his life than others. Ted Mosby is the symbol of unbalanced masculinity in television show. He tries to be attractive with women, reflects his emotions, connects himself with women; he dedicates his life to find his future-wife and then he dedicates his life to his career. We usually see him in a confused mood what makes his masculinity unstable. I firmly believe that these two characters are marginalized masculinities: sex, beer, sports, hamburger,… are their interests but their emotions and weaknesses are also displayed. As the third character Barney Stinson is the one who is closest to the hyper masculinity. His entire world is centered around the sex. As the symbols of his masculinity, he always wears suits and never connects himself emotionally. I think we can argue from analogy that absolute hyper masculinity is just an idea, meaning that is impossible. As a fictive character, even Barney Stinson is influenced by his emotions and finally puts his desire for sex away and tries to find the ” girl of his life”.

Kimmel, who defines the homophobia “the fear that other men will unmask us, emasculate us, reveal to us and the world that we do not measure up, that we are not real men”, is totally right that even between three best friend homophobia can be seen as a main factor defining their moves with others.


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