Masculinity is defined as “having qualities traditionally ascribed to men as strength and boldness” in english dictionary. This definition does not point a limit about men showing off with their strength and boldness. Because of this situation a lot of men analyzes this definition as the more they show their strength and the more they show their wildness, the more “true man” they will be seen by the society. Kimmel, in the article “Masculinity as Homophobia” explains that he believes under all these violence showed there is a fear in men that people might consider them as weak. These men who misperceives the definition of masculinity, are mostly afraid of being weak from society’s point of view that is why they want to show themselves as bolder and wilder. There are two main characters in the Turkish tv series “Kuzey Güney” who are brothers and they totally stand for different types of masculinities. Kuzey is actually the one who is more merciful and pitying character, however because of his bizarre instinct that make him feel need to be more “masculine”, he never shows his feelings and emotions which would cause him to seem as weak. To conclude we can say that Kuzey stands for hegemonic masculinity. On the other hand, Güney is not even half caring as Kuzey is. However because of the fact that he expresses himself better, behaves less violent than Kuzey and does not believe that his masculinity depends on his violence and the way he shows his feelings, he is seen as more gentle and caring character. As Kuzey is a representative of hegemonic masculinity Güney stands for more modern type of masculinity.


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