Superheroes, Super masculinity

There are some stereotypes when we think about masculinity which are accepted by everyone. As in other topics media shows us some rules, some appearances which men should apply and we shape our opinions trough those stereotypes. As a result men accept those stereotypes, want to be like them and exclude, make fun of who do not fit in these stereotypes. According to what we learn from media a man should be powerful, muscled, he should walk like a man and talk like a man, he can’t have feelings even if he had feelings he should hide his feelings, he should be aggressive and he should have good relations with women. According to Michael Kimmel the biggest fear of men is to being laughed but on the other hand according to stereotyped man; he can make fun of other men especially he can humiliate gays and he can make sexiest jokes.

There are lots of characters in advertisements, movies and in music videos who correspond to these stereotypes and reflect hypermasculinity. One of these examples which I want to talk are superheroes like superman, spiderman and iron man. I think they show all the features of stereotyped masculinity. They are all arrogant, powerful, muscled, they love to fight, they are good with women and generally they save a woman’s life, they don’t show their feelings. The most important thing about superheroes is their audience. Children watch those characters and want to be like them so they learn these stereotypes in a very small age and they try shape their lives, attitudes and opinions according to these characters.



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