Who owns the ”Candy Shop”?

Hip-hop and rap is one of the most popular kind of music in today’s popular culture. Most people liked to listen it. However, the movie clips and the lyrics of this music type are mostly giving a perception about masculinity and how rappers see the women.

In the lyrics of the rap music, singers mostly mentioned about sexuality and they find himself as the owner of the women. They define women as a sexual object and nothing more than that. In addition to that, the perfectness of women is measured of his sexual performance. The rappers also support these arguments with their music videos. For instance, 50 cent, who is a popular rapper as we all know, has a song called ”Candy Shop”. The music video, which I shared below and the lyrics of this songs explains exactly what I want to emphasize. An example from the lyrics of this song;

Give it to me baby, nice and slow
Climb on the top, ride like you in a rodeo
You ain’t never heard a sound like this before
Cause I ain’t never put it down like this

This explains how it gives a perception and the word ”rider” is used to define the woman. In the movie clip, we can also see that 50 cent has seen as the owner of the girls and do not matter for him, because he and his male friends is more superior than them. ”Candy Shop” meant in the movie as a house, where are many girls in it.


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