Masculinity test


Michael Kimmel says ‘’ The father is the first man who evaluates the boys masculine performance, the first pair of male eyes before whom he tries to prove himself.’’ I think, this is so true that man nearly construct their gender in this way, also Judith Butler has mentioned this word ‘’ constructing gender. ‘’Of course, after years these eyes can change. Their friends, teachers, coaches can be role model in their lives. While man are doing something, they consider these people and maybe they mislead themselves about their gender. For example, they  try to behave so masculin, they can go sport for being mascular, they can interest football even though they dont or they should fight for showing their power or manliness. Also, they believe, for example, they are judged by friends not a real man, being sissy. In article, masculinity as homophobia, discuss that man are afraid of other man. Actually, this judgement has been since people were born. There was like a dress code they born for instance girls should wear pink and boys should wear blue. Why? If a man wear pink, does it mean he is not a real man?!

Also, I would like to talk about  American television show ,Sex and the City, in the  picture the guy  doesn’t fit traditional notions of masculinity. First of all, he is gay and Michael Kimmel’s article we comprehend that man are ashamed to be gay actually calling gay seems like a scary word according to them. I could not remember guy’s name but as I remember he could not say easily I am gay. He talked to Carrie, starring sex and the city, and in the picture she is near him.He wanted to go gay bar but first he was afraid. Then Carrie prompted him and when he decide to go, he found himself, his real identity actually. Besides these, he is very emotional, understandable, and fragile as well. He has a lot of girlfriend, he tries to solve their problem and he likes  shopping with girls. As we can see, in this picture he doesn’t seem masculin.

This picture, we see another guy-also starring sex and the city- yet, he is totally appropriate ‘’ hegemonic ‘’ masculinity. That’s why, he is rich so for man it means he has power. Moreover, Michael Kimmel’s article is mentioned this.  Briefly, it is said the more money, the more powerness. He is sometimes emotinal, sometimes not and by the way, he is Carrie’s big love. Finally, his appearence is so valid  that he can pass the masculinity test 🙂


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