Is Christian Grey the Dream Man?

“50 Shades of Grey” has become most popular erotic romantic novel. But what was it very special about this book? I can’t deny my curiosity over this book, I started and quitted reading it. The book is quite pervert, well I guess because of it’s an erotic novel. But the disturbing fact about the book is probably the Christian Grey character. He is represented as an ideal man at first but once you start to get to know him, you might enjoy or terrify. He is young, charming, handsome, rich, smart and breath-taking kind of man. But the fact is he is addicted to BDSM. Once you know the definition of the word BDSM, things start to get creepy. He is the dominant character in the BDSM which means he controls the woman or his submissive partner. From a different perspective, Christian Grey character is definitely reinforcing the traditional notions of masculinity or even taking it to a higher level. In “Masculinity as Homophobia,” Michael S. Kimmel claims that “manhood is equated with power over women, over other men.” Christian Grey is almost the power himself. Beside he has money, he is manipulating or maybe slaving the woman during a sexual intercourse. I think he is the best example for the “hyper-masculinity”. Because this is an erotic romance novel, the hypermasculinity is represented in the sexual intercourse. Have a glance at these quotes from the book His arms are wrapped around me, and he’s pulling me to him, hard, fast, gripping my ponytail to tilt my head up, kissing me like his life depends on it … He drags the hair tie painfully out of my hair, but I don’t care. He needs me, for whatever reason, at this point in time, and I have never felt so desired and coveted.” ( James 478)


Although the girl desires him, the scene is full of violence, dominance of the man, aggression and of course sexuality. Well all of the feelings in this quotes lead us to one term: “hyper-masculinity”. I don’t know is it people fantasizes themselves as the characters or people liking BDSM concept much or people liking “hyper-masculinity” that makes this book alluring. But there is one thing for certain that this book will be on the movies soon.

He will be the character Christian Grey  in the movie of the "50 Shades of Grey"

He will be the character Christian Grey in the movie of the “50 Shades of Grey”




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