Fall in love with “Virtual Girlfriend”

BBC News - The Japanese men happy with 'virtual girlfriends' 2013-10-24 19-35-30

In Kimmel’s article, it is emphasised “homophobia”, or men’s fear, is the fear that other men emasculate us, reveal that we are not real man. In this sense all men are supposed to behave in accordance with the traditional masculinity. Traditional masculinity can be described as being confident, being a breadwinner, being interested in sex and so on. Once you act in a different way, other men around will humiliate you or will be disgraced. However, perhaps this is not the case to some extent today. As time goes by, the image of ‘ideal’ man has changed dramatically.

Let’s watch an interesting report form BBC: The Japanese men happy with “Virtual Girlfriend.”  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-24638188

See how the reporter responses to the men, saying “Ohoo.” The game is called “Love Plus” in which you can enjoy romances with cute teenage girls. The thing is the two men who appear on the news clip are in romance relationship with a girl in the game device, not in 3D world. Although they have no skin-to-skin communication, they are really happy with this virtual romance. In Japan, “herbivore men” or “grass-eating men” are very rampant. This term was coined in 2006 to signify a man who is not interested in having a girlfriend. These men are good example of men who is not less aggressive, less confident and less masculine.

Still this sort of man’s figure is not dominant at all, but the image of “ideal” man is changing slightly.

Lastly, in my former post on this blog, I mentioned about weird phenomenon in Japan. https://sosc111.wordpress.com/2013/09/26/romance-objects-rather-than-sex-objects/ Here I discussed Japanese men who are into teenage girls in a pop-group. And this time, we posted about men who enjoy virtual romance. However, I want to stress the lion share of men are still in relationship with women or seeking it.


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