Gender Roles Perception in Childhood

Judith Butler, who is an American philosopher and gender theorist, stands up for gender roles are given by society and there is no chance that is given to choose our own gender. In her opinion, the society started to ”teach” gender roles in the beginning of the childhood. However, if people are be able to choose their gender rather than pressing them to their genders, everything would be different.

From the beginning of the childhood, especially 4 or 5 years old children, started to ”learn” gender roles and they have a big perception about these gender roles. In the video below, which is an interview of some children, it explains how a big perception they have on gender roles. For instance, when they asked to boys that if they wear a dress, all of them laugh and said no certainly. In addition to that, in the video, children answered the questions that who would go to work or who cares about baby and they all answered it with their perception. Another example of the perception of gender roles : a kid said that boys are heavier than the girls, because they are stronger.

To conclude, as we can see in the video, people started to perceive gender roles from the beginning of the childhood. They should be like how they born and their family save to their children the opinion of masculinity and femininity. No one asked a boy if he want to wear a dress, because everything are determined before and there is no chance to say ”no”.


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