What is Androgyny?


Judith Butler who is a famous writer and philosopher brings forward the idea of “gender performativity”. She thinks gender is not natural but we created it. We made strict separations like feminine/masculine, woman/man, male/female etc.

Her thoughts reminded me the term “androgyny”. Actually I’m surprised she doesn’t mention androgyny in the video that we watched last week or in her famous book Gender Trouble. If you look to the exact meaning on Wikipedia you see this: “Androgyny refers to the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. Sexual ambiguity may be found in fashion, gender identity, sexual identity, or sexual lifestyle. It could also refer to biological intersex physicality, especially with regards to plant and human sexuality.

Androgynous people don’t call themselves simply woman or man. They can be both or even neither of them. They use different terms for their situation: “non-gendered”, “gender-neutral”, “agendered”, “between genders”, “genderqueer”, “multigendered”, intergendered, “pangender” or “gender fluid”(Wikipedia-Androgyny/Gender Identity)

We can see this dilemma on their appearance too. When I first saw one of them I couldn’t understand which sex him/her belongs to.


Andrej Pejić is the perfect example to androgyny.  He is  an Australian model, has Bosnian-Serb ethnicity. He is biologically a male but looks more feminine than most women. In fact he is modeling for both female and male brands.

andrej-pejic-model-andrejpejicmodel-194      images-1

FHM chose him to #98 on the list “World’s Sexiest Women” and also called him a “thing”. After this scandal he defended himself saying “I don’t really have that sort of strong gender identity – I identify as what I am. The fact that people are using it for creative or marketing purposes, it’s just kind of like having a skill and using it to earn money.” (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2026319/Male-supermodel-Andrej-Pejic-responds-controversy-feminine-looks.html)

He also said “Sometimes I feel like more of a woman, other times I feel male.” (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1393035/FHM-horrified-readers-male-model-Andrej-Pejic-98th-sexiest-WOMAN.html )


Andrej Pejić is not the only one. We know him because he became a celebrity and he can defend himself on public but many people suffers from gender problems  and has to deal with them in their daily life. People like Pejić make me believe to Judith Butler; there is no gender naturally we created it!


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