Girls/Boys Like Them

Performativity is a word that Judith Butler uses a lot to explain gender roles in society. She says that certain sexuality is not gender , and we learn and act like women or men. Gender roles only depend on perform which was done by society. We teach a baby to act like a girl or boy in daily life even they do not have distinct appearance of gender. She says that this is not natural, we did these roles.

Actually, I can not deny that she is right. While we are raising our children, we do such things like buying pink or blue clothes. We can all see perfomativity in daily life and also in popular culture. Disney world has many examples of that kind of gender performativity. Watch this music video clip from Teen Beach Movie in Disney Channel :

I’m going to explain the gender performativity according to the scenes and lyrics which you can find from here:

In the beginning boys says that ” Take the lead she likes it when you’re in control.” which means boys control girls and girls like it. A stereotype of most girls is giving control to the men.  

Girls says ”Bat your eyes and look away , bake him a pie.” Girls are cooking , boys are eating. Girls only concern is flirting with the guy. Dressing for men and having stretch clothes , making hair and wearing makeup are all about perform a girl.

Even the scenes difference illustrates the gender perfomativity. Boys are on the bar , playing billiard. However, girls are having fun and beautify them on the bedroom. Whole clip shows the girls and boys acting as a gender role like Judith Butler says.


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