The most beautiful Trans

Judith Butler says gender are constucted through repetitive performance. Here in my country Japan, there is a very interesting and good example. Ai HARUNA(はるな愛) won the world’s beauty pageant for transsexuals in Thailand 2009.She is a Japanese transgendered TV personality, a singer, a fashion model, and a winner of the beauty contest.

The 37-year-old TV personality was born as a male and given a name “Kenji ONISHI(オオニシケンジ).” However, since childhood, Kenji had always felt uneasy with his innate sex. He had a strong desire to become a woman. Finally in his/her age of 19, he went through a sex change operation and then he became a woman.  Now she is one of the most popular personalities on TVs and almost everyday we see her showing up on TV programmes.

On TV programmes, she is dressed in a very feminine outfit and talks like a teenage girl. She has become a pop star by perfoming a woman or doing a woman.And keep in mind even though she used to be a man, she could perform a woman.  Also it is interesting that she takes an advantage of gender stereotype to become a woman.

Her case may stimulate and deepen our understanding of gender studies. Because sometimes gender stereotypes are considerd to act as a deterrent to gender equality. However, referring to the established stereotype, he/she is able to perform or do the opposite sex of his/her original one. Without such a clear image of gender differences, it should be impossible!!!


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