Just Being La Roux


We met the band La Roux with a very catchy electro pop song “Bulletproof” a few years ago. Elly Jackson is the singer who has a very different style. When she first came up with the video clip where she had a neon colored eye make up, unisex hair style and outfits which cannot be categorized as feminine or masculine. From the very first time in any way, there has been a certain thing: La Roux cannot be gendered. However, because of Elly’s different style everybody wondered about what was Elly. As usual, because she is not like the other women, not seducing men with her sexuality or has own distinct style she was considered as a lesbian by the society. But in interview with Fabulous magazine she gave this speech about her sexuality:

“I don’t feel like I’m female or male. “I don’t belong to a gay or straight society, if there is such a thing. I feel like I’m capable of falling in love with other people. I’m not saying I’m bisexual, I’m just sexual!” – See more at: http://www.blog.danielacapistrano.com/2010/02/18/quotes-la-roux-on-gender-identity-sexuality/#sthash.LLmtti9T.dpuf


Actually Elly’s explanation sounds like very Judith Butler! We prejudge people firstly by the phsical appearance, gender them and then decide their sexuality. That’s what happen to La Roux, I guess. Because of her style she was considered gay. Yes, La Roux doesn’t represent the girly stereotypes at all, but does it mean Elly is gay? No, gender and sexuality are different and gender is a performance and for Elly its unique or maybe a confusion or a combination of masculinity and femininity but closer to masculinity. Moreover looking different, masculine or feminine or whatever it has to do with gender not very much with sexuality. And when you are once out of the gender norms, people start to question about your sexuality, which is ridiculous. Beside, we all perform our gender in different ways, maybe we don’t realise it because we are not doing it in a obvious way like Elly does.


Watch the video clip of Bulletproof:

And for more La Roux:



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