Is it a Car Commercial?


Last week we read Susan Bordo’s article about “Hunger as Ideology”. She talks about common tropes like temptation, mastery, sexuality etc.

Advertisers show women as devilish, food obsessive creatures. Even if the product isn’t  about food they use women’s obsession of food in order to promote product. Also they use metaphor of sex to make commercial more attractive to people.

This is a car commercial which uses common tropes that Susan Bordo talks about.

Translation of her talking;(copied from a comment on Youtube)

Che Cosa Guardi? – What Are You Looking At?

Mi Stai Spogliando Con Gli Occhi? – You Are Undressing Me With Your Eyes?

Poverino! – Poor Little One!

Non Puoi Farne A Meno… – You Can’t Help It…

Ti Batte Il Cuore – Your Heart Is Drumming…

Ti Gira La Testa – Your Head Is Spinning

Sei Perso Pensando Che Saro Tua Per Sempre – You Feel Lost Thinking I’ll Be Yours Forever

So in this ad they use both sexuality and temptation. Even if it’s a car commercial they use food. It links a car to a woman. As a stereotype woman is sexy and beautiful. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She is obviously a temptress; at first she yells him but she intentionally stands like that in order to seduce man; talking and touching him.

Actually I couldn’t find the link between car and woman , I think it doesn’t make sense. But like I said before they use sexuality to make it more attractive even if it’s senseless.


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