Got Coke?

In advertisements we can see all kinds of representations that Susan Bordo explained as ‘hunger as ideology’. Female hunger is a phenomenon which scares people in a full range of dimensions. The patriarchal culture is scared from female desire, men commonly  scared from women’s crawings towards economical power. But mainly women are scared from their own huger, in a simple way they are scared from their appetites. It may seem that I under estimate the ‘hunger as ideology’ to a biological state as just feeling hungry. First things first, so when we just glance to the diet products commercials we can see that the market is bigger than we thought and there is a huge demand which caused a massive market growth in time. When I think about diet\ I think Diet Coke in conjuction. When women decide to go on a diet they immediately start to drink Diet Coke with their huge hamburger! How does the Diet Coke achieved this? How does they plated on that idea to us? To answer that question I just looked one of their commercial.

So, as a women I am pretty delighted what I just saw. A man who has a ripped body, a bunch of women having fun and try to make fun of the guy. But the commertial’s message was barried to a single moment. When the guy took his shirt off, at the same time one women took a sip from the Diet Coke. In that moment I saw the female hunger for sexuality, the consuming side of the women. Women consume man through their desire, if they can not do that they consume something else, food maybe. But food have calories which will make you fat and prevent you to get your desired man. So, consume something else which will satisty you maybe as not much as that your true desired object but at least appease you in a way. At the begginig I said that maybe my point of view seem as I overlooked Susan Bordo’s ideas but even we look as a simplictic way we can sense the ‘hunger as ideology’ around us.


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