Food or Sex?

In her article ‘Hunger as Ideology’, the writer Susan Bordo claims that there are certain basic terms used in food advertisements for women such as obsession, desire and temptation.


Here, the advertisement of Burger King we can see one of the common trops clearly. The woman open-mouth woman image shows desire. She desires this hamburger so much, like she desires sex. For using an open-mouth/open-eyed woman figure, horizontal hamburger and word of ‘blow’, the advertiser of this ad, made an allusion to oral sex act. Also, on the description we see that explanation about the product:

Fill your desire for something long,juicy flame-grilled with the NEW BK SUPER SEVEN INCHER.” Again the the given message in that is a hunger woman for hamburger and sex. In this context, Bordo might say that this ad suggests the gender inequality for the dominant male figure and weak,obsessed and desire food and sex really bad way passive women figure.


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