Drink a Beer and Let The Game Begin

As we cannot retain ourselves from being nourishe, foods and drinks become every single day more important for us. Because advertisers are using some weak spots of people in ads, which are being beautiful, fit and desired in order to sell the advertised product, we are being forced to face many ads where the sexy appearance of women that encourage people to pay attention the body rather what is being advertised. For some people, it might be considered a way that objectifies women body but advertisers are in opinion of selling producy in which whey they can. The most important point to discuss is that if using a women body helps to sell a bigger amount of product, it also shows the dignity of women in men’s point of view, because men come to situation to purchase a product due to the sexy women pictures seen on ads. For instance, the statistics showed that after the indicated Budweiser commercial, the number of daily sales had increased rapidly, whereas their competitors preferred just to wait and watch the rise of their rival. Thus, it is far enough to see times where we will be able to see more unsexualized commercials and advertisements. Try to enjoy it and don’t take every ad serious.


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