Desires or Weaknesses?

Human being has always had weaknesses as its nature, and these weaknesses are hard to avoid and almost impossible not to affect human desires. The ones that are aware of these weaknesses and able to take advantage of them are getting richer and richer every day and we see their ads on billboards or on TVs at any time of the day. If you think of the weaknesses that are beyond humans will such as hunger, sexuality, being desirable, being good-looking, are all used in commercials of huge companies to force society to purchase their products. The “force” is not used as its usual meaning but it is used for getting into human mind and subliminally make them want that product. We usually see an attractive women eating a delicious product as you can see in the video below. If we think on this Eti Brownie commercial, it is easy to be noticed that a couple of human weaknesses have been taken advantage of. The most obvious one is hunger. Human being can be easily attracted to a food when they see another person eating ambitiously eating it. Another fact is that because of his nature, man is very weak against the woman sexuality. This ad obviously is using woman sexuality as she eats the brownie in a way that not all of us eat in a usual day. The way she licks her lips and fingers is created to have men’s attention. The other weakness used in this ad is addressing to women this time. The woman in the add obviously is a ” desired one”. To be a desirable one for a woman definitely is a weakness. All these facts basically explains how huge companies subliminally get into our minds as using our “hunger” towards everything that is desired by human being.


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