Boobs or Crisps?




“Hunger As Ideology” is a major concept that we frequently come across in ads. In this particular ad, we see this concept through a woman rugby player who is not avoidant to share her cleavage with the rest of the world. Sexual appetite is used to attract customers by simply referring to her breasts as crisps. The product is layed out as a sexual object of desire and specifically thought as a tempting food. This ad evidently degrades women and continues to use women’s sexuality as an attention-getter (like all the other ads Susan Bordo pointed out). The way the campaign uses a half-naked, sexy and dirty woman is both provoking (due to the image and reference) and exploitative (in terms of gender inequality). Control is another theme that we encounter in this ad. The woman’s condemning-yet-playful question is the biggest proof for this. Susan Bordo would definitely highlight this ad as a blend of “food, sexuality and desire” coming all together to exemplify how companies demean women and their femininity in order to awaken the target customer’s sexual arousal and lust.


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