Advertisements as a Method of Taking Control

In social life, we all try to gain respect from others. At this point, the self confidence is the key point to succeed. So, what about the people who has not self confidence enough? These people are targeted by the companies who promise them a boost of control in their lives. This is an alluring offer for these weak people. Another question to ask about this subject is how beneficial can ads be to bring in mastery in our lives. As Susan Bordo mentions; we should be able to separate the fictive world of ads and the real life. The sense of mastery imposed in the ads can be illusion for our lives.

In these ad, we can clearly see the sense of mastery as a method of advertising. The world shown is fictive (a mousse can not make these moves); but the imposed idea can be applied in our lives. And we should also pay attention to motto “Seriously Strong” which emphasizes the boost of power. A weak person can think himself like a rat who is under control of his environment and the exit door can be this power( symbolically cheddar in this ad).

To sum up; our weaknesses are always the targets of advertisers; this is the nature of commerce. Our duty as customers is to decide which products are really beneficial for our lives and the which ones are the traps of the companies.


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