A Perception: The Pleasure of Eating

In commercials, the advertisers try to give the perception that people should extremely desire the foods, which is ethically meaningless. However as we see in the commercial below, Paris Hilton showed as an sex object and his partner in this relationship is a hamburger. As we all know, hamburger is just a food that we eat it for nutrition and we could only think that a good hamburger tastes good. The only thing that we think about his hamburger when we choose it, is the taste of it. However, in this commercial ,the pleasure that Paris Hilton try to show is as same as she has from a sexual relationship. Why the advertisers choose Paris Hilton? She is a celebrity and has a high sex appeal in our perception. She has not got a nature beauty and his source of beauty is make up and esthetically operations, but this is a different subject. She has a sexy dress on and giving sexy poses. In addition to that, in the commercial there is a car, which is just showing the material pain and have no meaning. In my opinion, this commercial is extremely nonsense and I just don’t want to eat a hamburger from this brand, after I saw this commercial. However, these types of commercials become more and more popular every single day. You can see that 1 of 5 advertisements try to show the pleasure of eating and in that way, we started to have perception of the pleasure of eating. To conclude, these types of advertisements are disgusting and we can see that the competition between the brands become this place, which is a consequence of the popular culture.


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