Danger of chocolate

As food is at the center of the human life, we see food advertisements everywhere with certain concepts to sell the products. Especially women are at the position of target audience or they are used in advertisements like weight loss products, chocolate or ice cream. As Susan Bordo mentioned in her article those food advertisements use common themes like mastery, control, temptation and obsession. So with these themes media show the women as they wanted to be and also use her sexuality as a metaphor to address men audience. Media always use the relation of food and women in advertisements by using a woman who wants to eat the product but trying not to. By using this method they show the product attractive but dangerous. For example in this advertisement of Godiva which is a chocolate company the writing at the top of the poster shows the message of the advertisement. By this message they represent the chocolate as something dangerous that you can indulge but also something that satisfy you. In this advertisement the threat of the Godiva chocolate support the theme of temptation. I think media show women weak and easy to convince by using the theme of temptation. As a result this policy of media damages the position and the power of the women in society.images


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