Kıvanç or Magnum?

According to the Susan Bordo’s ideas of commercials in which use hunger as an ideology , commercials manipulate people with their fears , obsessions , dreams and fantasies. We all can see some tropes which are obsession, temptation, mastery and control that Bordo mentioned in the TV commercials all the time. For example Magnum commercials do it. There is a commercial which includes the tropes of obsession, temptation, mastery and fantasy which is Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ’s Magnum Commercial.  It was very popular when it was published because Magnum commercials was working with big stars like Josh Holloway, Rachel Bilson, Joe Manganiello , Caroline Correa, Zac Posen. Therefore, Magnum TV commercials reach more and more people with the popularity of actor and actresses. As we all know, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ is one of the most popular and loveable actor in Turkey. Not only his reputation is known in Turkey , but also he is popular around the world. He is so handsome and hot for many girls that Magnum totally wants to use him as a dream of girls. Here is the commercial:

We can say that the girl who wears yellow dress stopped his car just for the car not for Kıvanç. She cheated and get a picture with the car and magnum in her hands. Commercial clearly says that ”Magnum and the car which is a campaign for the Magnum consumers is more valuable than the Kıvanç”. Although Kıvanç is so handsome,rich and popular , all the girls prefer the magnum and the car. These kind of Magnum commercials show that magnum is above from your fantasies. In addition, sexuality is also used in this commercial. Look at the seconds 00.8 , we can see her legs that are open for the men and she bites Magnum in a sexual way as always. At first she seems like she’s only interesting with Kıvanç , but then she calls her friends and got what she wants. Kıvanç seemed disappointed , but he took their picture and gave them pleasure. He is common example for many commercials not only for food commercials. His sexuality is using to manipulate girl’s fantasies all the time with Mavi Commercials, too.


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