Women Attractive, Dynamic, and Confident?!

Watch the first video above!! This is a very controversial commercial issued by Australian web hosting service company, Crazy Domains. Which part of this advertisement is so contentious? Obviously the scene of two women dancing and writhing in bikinis while covered in cream!! Actually this commercial film was banned in the UK. See the statement by ASA(Advertising Standards Authority) http://www.asa.org.uk/Rulings/Adjudications/2013/6/Dreamscape-Networks-Ltd/SHP_ADJ_221269.aspx According to ASA, this advertisement is criticised as “sexist and degrading to women.” Crazy Domains rebut these arguments as a matter of course, saying this ad does not intend to degrade women instead is designed to portray these women as being attractive, dynamic and confident business persons. OK, they say this sort of depiction is acceptable. But is it really suitable when you portray women’s attractiveness, dynamics and confidence?

To be able to make sense of this question, let’s look at another two commercials below.

These two ads are totally opposite of the previous commercial. In the DOVE’s clip, they intend to encourage girls to embrace their unique beauty. And in the NIKE’s clip, we can see female athletes speaking with self-confident ” I’m making myself PROUD/ SHINE/ HOT. So obviously there are so many ways to express women’s attractiveness, dynamics and confidence.

Go back to the Crazy Domains’s advertisement. Now we can see there are many more positive ways of describing competitive women other than this . This ad just reinforces the gap of two genders in a negative way without specific evidences. As Bordo concerns in the article, some of the advertisements are really misleading, but on the other hand we have to remember some commercials are designed to correct this unwholesome situation around women.


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