Who needs feminism?

My generation doesn’t need feminism anymore.’

Carla Bruni

The way society looks at feminism has changed a lot since the 70’s. In the 70’s lots of women thought that feminism was the only solution for gender equality. However, along with the uprising of pop culture, especially with the influence of MTV, this point of view has changed.

With the influence of big multinational companies and mass media in the late 80’s and beginning of the 90’s, the world’s consumption has risen. Almost everything (objects, feelings and even people) was seen as a product to sell so that these companies could make a lot of money from it. Of course this also influenced the role of women in society. With the ‘Sex sells‘ phrase which companies used as a base, women were put down as fashion-minded, shopping addicted, men pleasing women who should have a husband. The classic housewife role model seen in commercials in the 60’s was turned in to consuming, desiring and desirable sex objects, and media which is shown as funhouse mirror in the article of Susan Douglas, indicates that this is gender equality.

As a result, lots of people started to think that feminism is unnecessary phenomenon – thanks to media- and people who called themselves feminists, have perceived as men-hater, hateful, ugly, hairy lesbians.

We can find dozens of examples about enlightened sexism characters in media. Such as almost all music videos which indicates nudity is about freedom and gender equality, tv series – such as gossip girl- show women as they can understand only shopping, gossip etc.

Of course we can some positive examples too, such as the bride in Kill Bill, Annie in Annie Hall.

But in recent times, the most powerful and wonderful woman for me is from Turkey: Emine Ülker Tarhan. Ms Tarhan is a parliamentarian who resisted with young people at ‘Gezi Parkı.’ Besides this, as it is known the Turkish Grand National Assembly is a highly male-dominant parliament but with her intelligence and posture, she represents Turkish women only too well and makes me proud of and hopeful.

At the bottom video, you can find her words about the situation of Turkish women.  While she is criticizing the legislations which show woman as a thing that should protect, she also criticize the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s statements, such as make at least 3 kids, I don’t believe the equality between woman and man, anyway.


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