Feminism has been  considered a bad word among some people and also its meaning has been misleaded. Feminism’s key point is to protect woman’s rights and understand inequality in the world. What I say to do is woman want to clarify some subjects, for example while men are proud of having sexual experience, woman cannot say easily hers. I believe feminism should find a solution this kind of question and feministic idea is totally about that. Unfortunately, some factors covered this important problems for insatance, they are interested in just how ideal woman could be, we should be thin, well-groomed or doing sport etc.  Thanks to media, we have finally learned how woman should look like!?  This destructive way  cannot solve any of feminism’s needing, conversely lead to bad results. İ.e, occurs a woman competition, every woman start following each other and envy. Thats not about equality any more we can called woman’s war.  An ınterview Christina Hoff Sommer  she explained how misunderstood feminism’s concept besides she introduced herself as a feminist.  She said ‘’ “As I’ll often do, I’ll ask my students,how many of you are feminists?” Very few will raise their hands, usually none. That’s astonishing. If I ask my students, “How many of you are environmentalists?” they would probably all raise their hands — even though they know that there are some offbeat groups that go too far. Overall, environmentalism is a good thing and they are quite proud to be identified with it. But feminism, no. ‘’  People should know what is feminism in real ? I hope, we can understand before it is too late –  Moreover straw feminism hurts real feminism because they think men are evil, we are better-  All I want to do say is the form of straw feminism should end as soon as possible. Of course, some women may hate men but we cannot say this is a feminism. I assume we girls will praise for being a feminist more or less 🙂

P.S : If you are interested Christina H. Sommers interview, check out this site!  http://www.scottlondon.com/interviews/sommers.html


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