Gabrielle Union Doing Justice to Feminism

A beautiful actress who’s at the age of 40, Gabrielle Union, is a strong advocate for women in need. As a passionate feminist, Gabrielle has volunteered to be the spokesperson of the campaign Planned Parenthood. This certain campaign is a provider of “vaccines, cervical cancer screenings, 830,000 breast exams, STD screenings and (overall) half-a-million HIV screenings”( She tries to reach to all the other women through giving them choices of planning their pregnancies with their own free will.

There is a specific reason behind her empathy and affection. She is actually a survivor of rape at the age of 19. She states: “ A stranger who robbed the store I worked at. He put his gun down during the rape and asked me to hand it to him.”  ( After this incident, she realized that she can help other victims of rape, violence, disease etc and enable women to acknowledge their strength and confidence which they’ve been lacking for a long time.

Gabrielle is not afraid of using the word feminism in her interviews,  however the scenario is different with other celebrities. Most of the celebrities (Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore etc) are frightened by the word feminism and possibly avoiding it due to its misinterpretation. Mass media has changed the true meaning of the word and twisted it into being vulgar and uneven. This manipulative approach towards the word is perhaps a way to create a chaotic image and keep on using women as sex symbols/objects. But in fact it is women’s very own right to gain their hard-earned power and have equal positions, salaries, titles, so on and so forth.

With people like Gabrielle, women are one step closer to claim justice, but it should be known that it’s not an easy path and raising awareness to feminism should be the primary mission to scratch the misconception of feminism.


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