Do Girls Run the World?



Beyonce is more than a diva, she is a role model for girls, she shows women to how to be strong in relationships and in life. Beyonce comes up with the songs mostly claim about the stuff about women or the power of the women and the best example for it is probably the song “Run the World?(Girls)”. Well the song sounds way too “feminist” for most of the people. No, according to the dictionary definition of feminism(when you google it you will see) it is not, because it is not talking about equality of men and women. But according to the popular definition we all know, yes it is a feminist song because the song is telling that the real bosses are the girls, girls are better than men. Most of the people, both women and men, may think that Beyonce is wrong. In contrast, girls running the world is almost the reality! Women give birth, look after children, still go to work, be elegant, chic, organize housework, basically women are capable of doing many things in a limited time which makes women bosses(maybe not all of them are appreciated by their family and friends). Remember the one of the biggest clichés that we all grew up with “Behind every great man there stands a great woman” claims that men are successful but without women they cant be. This quote can be interpreted in an optimist way as work is done by men then, but the manager is the woman.


   On the other hand, women can make men to do many things with their physical appearance or the sexuality(Yeap, Im talking about enlightened sexism). But can you blame women for men being dumb? If they are able to do anything for an ass or boob, some women(material girls) prefer this way, being sexy.  So any kind of men, no matter how rich or well known he is, attracted to that women and buys whatever she wants, take her to fancy places etc.(Yes, very inappropriate but true story!) .Indirectly, in that case still that girl has the control of the men, his money, his time or whatever.

  Beyonce is right girls run the world, indirectly or directly, in a dirty way or appropriate way. The Diva encourages girls to be strong and reminds girls the power they have. 


to watch the music video of Run the World:



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