Why are memes popular?


Today, one of the most popular subject on internet is the internet memes. Internet memes generally consists of an image and a short phrase that tells an idea. So why did a simple thing like this has become an internet phenomenon? Well, I think that memes are so popular because they are generally about common stuff that happens to most people, how they feel about the situations that they have encountered in their daily lives, or what they would wished to happen, but also it’s about the stuff they never talk about  or knew that it has not only happened to them. So they somehow relate the memes to themselves and that love using them. Another reason why internet memes are so popular could be because they are a great way of telling a very short story, with a fun picture adding context and the text providing a joke, which makes it exiting and seem entertaining to people. Also, because memes use the repeated image over and over again it gives people the idea of what the post would be about even without reading the text which helps which makes them easy to understand and relate.  For example, the following two post contains the meme “success kid” and before reading the posts, people know that something good will happen to the kid in a funny way.

success-kid-accidentally-poked-hot-girl                                                        luck

Sites like 4chan, 9gag and memebase are very popular and they are full of memes. With the social networking usage of people today, people love to share these memes and although they are very popular nowadays I think that they are most likely to be with us for a long time.



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