Romance Objects, rather than Sex Objects

In the last class, we discussed different prejudices against women. Without doubt one of the most unpleasant biases is to see females as sex objects. However a woman sometimes can be objects of men’s simulated romances rather than of their sex drive. I am going to explain the situation which some girls in the Japanese idle girl groups are now facing. In my country, Japan, these kinds of pop girls groups are very popular.

Let’s pick up AKB48 (A-K-B-forty-eight) for instance, which is the most hot girls group. The group has 88 members as of September 2013. The group hold surprisingly many enthusiastic fans, and most of the fanatics are male fans. See how enthusiastic the fans are!! Long waiting line for just handshake!!

It is often argued why so many people are attracted by such a group of no significance, namely neither their dance performance nor song performance are great. The possible reasons are as follows. First, the fans delight in watching the way the girls grow up and improve their performance. A fan might feel as if he/she is their parent. Second, the fans relish the simulated romance with the idle girls. So a male fan might regard the girls as his “girlfriend” in his mind, and now girls become the target of their romance.

The latter point is really controversial since the female members in AKB48 are not allowed to get involved in romance relationship by the group law. This rule accelerates the fans’ fake love emotion toward the members. This is not wholesome conditions for the girls because they are exposed to the romance feeling of a large unspecified number of men. They sometimes suffer psychological disorder from it and leave the group.

On the other hand this unfavourable situation happens on boy idle group with less frequency. So what makes the girls romance objects? It goes without saying both male and female should have a feeling of romance. Why not for the boys group?


Although this post might not be directly relevant to the topic, but I believe it is worth posting since this is what really happens in the popular culture in my country.


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